Rainy Day Basic Pedicure

30 MINUTES $45

Dancing in the rain barefoot is always a good time so lets make those feet pretty for the occasion. Includes a scrub, masque and an infusion of custom blended heated oils, keeping those heels smooth. Finished with a 10 minute Himalayan stone lower leg massage.

Barefoot in Bali Royal Pedicure

60 MINUTES $75 

A relaxing massage on the lower leg and calf areas helps alleviate stress. Your feet are known as your second heart. This indulgent foot therapy includes a scrub, masque and moisturizing treatment by pure placid to nurture your skin and cure calluses. Finished with a Himalayan stone massage and 15 min. of reflexology to encourage circulation and release stored tension.

Detox Ionic foot bath

30 MINUTES $55 

This foot bath contains stainless steel and brass electrodes to align the body’s energy field and cleanse the body of toxins. As you relax with your feet in the bath this treatment creates a state of balance in the body that helps to facilitate healing and recovery from a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Rain Spa foot treatments begin in your own private suite. Relax with a warm neck wrap and spa beverage.