Fresh Enzyme Full Body


This body bar lets you choose from different organic elements providing different benefits which best meets your needs.

.... all of the fresh live enzyme treatments are made fresh to order for each body mask, including your face.


Reduce the appearance of cellulite while firming and toning the skin. This detoxifying therapy begins in our Himalayan sauna, followed by a full body detox scrub to further the detoxification process. The skin is then rehydrated with a deep massage using shea and almond butter.

  • Himalayan Salt

A full body exfoliation enriched with 84 minerals and elements. Believed to holistically re-balance the bodily functions and keep the mind centered using our Himalayan salt scrub. Followed by seaweed, kale, ginger and papaya body mask.

  • Caffeine & Coconut

An evocative blend of coffee granules and coconut oil is used to exfoliate the body. leaving the skin soft and smooth prior to being enveloped in a nourishing and deeply moisturizing wrap of coconut, sweet almond and starflower oil. This treatment assists with cellulite reduction and tightening of the skin. Be prepared to relax and get pampered.

  • Sahara Desert

This detox scrub and clay mask draws out as deep as the African Desert heats up. Utilizing the earths natural detoxifying elements. Finished by replenishing your skin with vitamins and minerals, helping you to feel revitalized.